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    Kyungpook National University Medical Center
    - KNUMC- is dedicated to provide the best treatment.

    We are committed to promote the well-being of
    humankind and advance global medical science and practice.

    Care beyond treatment.

    Founded in 1907 as the Daegu Dongin Medical Clinic,
    KNUMC has played a pivotal role in the development of
    Korean medicine and patient care.

    Building on a rich history of over 100 years, KNUMC is now contributing to the global advancement of healthcare, while providing an international standard of specialized patient care.

    In particular, KNUMC is being widely recognized as a leading center for micro-invasive cancer treatment based on the use of robotic surgery.

    With a growing international reputation, KNUMC is determined to take a leading role in the battle to overcome cancer.

    To return the smiles to our patients’ faces.

    Protecting the health and quality of each individual life is the core commitment at KNUMC, which means providing state-of-the-art medical care services and attention to every detail.

    As a patient-centered hospital, Kyungpook National University Medical Center makes the extra effort to ensure patient well-being throughout and beyond treatment.

    The KNUMC health promotion center is an important service providing the opportunity for regular comprehensive health checks using the latest medical technology. Early detection saves lives.

    Plus, with the increase in medical tourism to Korea,KNUMC now receives many international patients and providesspecialized healthcare consultations in various languages.

    Taking care of the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest, KNUMC is a partner through life.

    With a sense of dedication for the patients.

    As a lifelong partner that cares for healthy body and mind,
    we will be there for the healthy lives of all your family.

    As a key medical hub in Korea, KNUMC is also investing in advanced research and education.

    Developing new medicines and innovative medical technologies is crucial to enhance our quality of care, so KNUMC staff are active in networking and collaborating with some of the best international partners all over the world, creating a global synergy to provide first-class healthcare.

    Therefore, KNUMC will continue to make every effort to improve our patient care beyond treatment.

    We will care the health and quality of each individual life.
    We will deliver the best patient-centered medical services.
    We will inspire and uphold global healthcare standards.

    Building a healthier and happier future.

    Care beyond treatment.
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